Unravel- Musical Notes!!

Enjoy the symphony and the synopsis of Unravel and decipher the story of Kingston and Vienna !



Dark this darkness that colors my soul

Loveless this love, which I behold.

So many footsteps in the wrong direction

So many moments built with illusions.

It was all a lie, the life, the belief

It was all a ploy, a game of my grief

When the curtain unfurled, I faced the worst

The questions raised from the dead, my curse

Now, the past taints today

Pulling me back, making me stay

With fractured dreams, it pokes and haunts

With half-told memories, it jabs and taunts

Only you, my known stranger, can mend the figment lost

Only you, my tortured salvation, can melt this frigid frost

So you. Yes, you

Untangle me.

Unravel me, my memories

Unravel you, your mysteries

Look into me, awaken my truth

Look into you, lay down your excuse

No longer can this longing wait

No longer can we fight this fate

So surrender yourself and conquer me

Reveal yourself and unravel me


Book Coming soon!!!

2 thoughts on “Unravel- Musical Notes!!

  1. Are you kidding me! I can wait no more for the book! It was like a teaser and I love this poem. I think this can be a song di 😉 smooth yet carrying a storm kinda lyrics. What a poetry 😊😍


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