About The Author

About the Author

A pen in my hand…a blank paper waiting in anticipation…

The stars…lighting up the deep dark sky…And the magic happens…I lay down and look up..

Musing through my soul..My thoughts..take form..And the words knock at my door..

I sigh…I smile…and I let myself go..Allowing my thoughts to take me somewhere new..

I feel I am home…Its new..but its love..And as the star…streaks through the sky..

I know its time..Love beckons…And I pick up my pen and write…Filling in the blank of the paper..


Aashna K is an up and coming author, who loves writing about love. Ever since she was a teenager, love stories have fueled her imagination, so finally, after over a decade of daydreaming and brainstorming, she took the plunge and grabbed the metaphorical pen and started writing. She enjoys writing stories about first love and second chances, and always gravitates towards characters that are strong, stubborn, and know who they are. Conflict and passion drives her stories and a strong pair of protagonists, makes the book.

Apart from writing she enjoys travelling, cooking and being silly with her husband and rambunctious Brittany spaniel.

A few facts about Aashna K.
  • Loves the color Yellow and Purple
  • Has a compulsive need for everything to be in pairs.
  • Feels a strange connect with the stars.
  • Peaches make her happy.
  • Prefers beaches over mountains.
  • Good music, Great ambiance and night time inspires the stories she writes.

A note from Aashna K.

I remember the very first time I wrote…it was about Love.

A sonnet at the age of 14, and  I haven’t stopped ever since.

Love has continued to entice my imagination, and I have found myself on more than many occasions, conjuring stories in my mind, thinking about love and the many ways it infiltrates your life.

This is my journey exploring love, and giving words to the ideas that reside in my mind. I hope you tag along and enjoy the journey with me, and fall in love with love, like I do…



Be yourself;

It Suits you.

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