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Unravel- A Love Undone Series Book 1

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One Moment
That’s all it took for her life to spiral out of her carefully crafted control.
One Encounter
That’s all it took for her to fall. Fall into the chasms of her dreams and Unravel.
With life betraying her plans and a future unyielding to her ambitions, Vienna Roy is at the most crucial crossroads of her life. Not wanting to look back and dishearten her already defeated heart, she accepts a challenge and starts afresh.
A new job, a new city and a new lease on life seems perfect, but it’s far from that. It’s a prismatic trap set by fate to lure her back to a time she has unwillingly left behind. Right back to him, the man in her dreams.
Kingston Sharp.
He’s a man of many talents. Fearless, formidable, and charismatic, he blazes through every challenge that comes his way. He is a hard man to beat, and a harder one to forget. But behind the rock-solid persona, lays the heart of a man who has been scarred, who has lost a lot in a very little time.
Putting in his all, he’s finally dealt with his past, shoving it in a dark corner of his heart. Forging forward, he forgets, only to find himself face to face with the one person who started it all. Her.
As the ghost of their past ignites its fury of passion, the best-laid plans crumble and burn out. The inferno of their yesterday leaves nothing for them to control, ripping their hearts out. Fate makes its play, destiny intervenes, and a love they never seized starts to Unravel!

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Revive- A Love Undone Series Book 2
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Synopsis (Tentative)


Two hearts

Torn apart and reunited by fate.

Two Souls

Battling their pasts, fighting to revive the love they once lost

Tired, broken and utterly unravelled Vienna surrenders, hoping to find the missing pieces of herself in his arms. He was the answer to all the questions that had haunted her for so long. He was the salve to her ailment, so it only seemed right, despite the gnawing voice inside her soul, to give in to him and move forward.  The Past wasn’t something she wanted to deal with anymore. All she wanted was to move forward and build a life with him and rekindle the love they once had.

But he has other plans; Plans that would break the last shreds of her being and push her away from him, maybe forever.

Kingston knew he fell in love with a stubborn woman. So when she adamantly decides to move forward, without so much as a backward glance at what they shared, he has had enough. He can’t just let her just forget and move on.

There’s so much more to their story then what was revealed.

There’s so much more to their past then just love lost.

And only she has the answers to what had happened that ripped them apart.

So as the battle of wills between the two ascents to newer heights, Fury, Passion and love clash. Who will win, what will be the end? Will they finally give up or will love rise like a phoenix from the ashes and revie their hearts and bind them together forever.

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