Lets begin!!


A journey starts with a single stepā€¦

This one starts with a single wordā€¦


Friends and to be friends, I usher you to a little world I wish to design.

A world where I get to create, date imagination,and marry theĀ ideas that make my heart fall in love.

I want to share with you words that become Storiesā€¦

Ideas that become Events and Dreams that Ā hopefully become a wonderful reality.

For a girl who has lived all her life believing in the more, rooting for the intangible and fighting for the impossibleā€¦A chance to explore one of her many passions is just Wow!!


I love L.O.V.E

With its many faces and phases I truly love L.O.V.E in its entirety.

So taking the feeling of WOW and the devotion towards L.O.V.E I hope to bring to you storiesā€¦that make you fall in love, with L.O.V.E.

I hope to bring you stories that catch your attention from the other side of the room, hold your gaze and wink at you..

Stories thatĀ walk upto you and tell you amazing secrets,

Stories that woe you and once again, make you fall in love with them.

And lastly, I wish to bring youĀ stories that set you free; only to tie you up with their memories for life.

My journey is only starting and with every word its becoming intriguing.

So stay around and walk with me,Ā and fall in love with L.O.V.E Ā all over again and again and again.



Be Yourself;

It Suits you.



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